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Sports Watch Reviews

25 Aug


Whether you are a professional businessman or athlete, wristwatch is basic requirement for your profession. These Replica watches reviews will help you to unveil the basic features of a quality sports timepiece. Sports watches have been produced from years to help athletes in keep accurate time without any problem in tough physical activities. For instance, a diver cannot use an ordinary timepiece while diving because only waterproof watch with special features can serve him well. Another advantage of sports watch is that it can be used as a high fashion statement. Here are some of the eye catching features of a quality sports watch.

1.    Water Proof

One of the prime features of every sports watch is to perfectly waterproof. Professional divers need to use a high quality waterproof watch like Rolex Submariner not only to avoid water from entering into the watch case but also to track depth of the water. Gas escape valve is an additional feature added by many watch manufacturers to their timepieces. The pressure is very intense below water which results in damaging watch case. A gas escape valve releases the pressure from inside the case and thus prevents the watch from any damage.

2.    Stop Watch

Stop watch is mostly used in racing sports like care racing, marathon and so on. Almost every sport watch have this features but some of them like Casio watches have special stop watch from all sort of racing athletes.

3.    Timer

Time is a useful tool used in many sports. A bright example of such watch feature is Adidas watches. Sports like basketball or football need such type of watch to keep the record of elapsed time. Countdown can be used to beat the previous record.

4.    Manufacturing

Perhaps the most important feature of any wrist watch is the way it is built. In most cases reliable material like stainless steel, hard plastic and many more are used to make a quality sport timepiece. A sports watch usually lasts for longtime as compared to ordinary watches. A wise watch maker is always aware about the need of the athletes and the atmosphere where the watch will be used, so he never compromise of the quality of the timepiece.

Watches are ideal for sportsmen of any type but the problem is most people don’t know about the features of a quality sport timepiece. Hopefully you will find a good sports timepiece with these replica watches reviews.


Rolex Submariner and Rolex GMT Master

10 Jun


Wristwatches are the best fashion accessories used by women and men to boost their personality. Therefore Replica Rolex Reviews are best way to get know how about these timepieces. There are countless brands out in the market but only few of them are able to maintain their prestige with quality and technologies reforms. The two watches of Rolex Submariner and GMT Master falls into professional line of timepieces. Submariner is diving watch whereas GMT serves aviation department with perfection. These watches were introduced at Basel watch fair in 1954. Here are some of the similarities and differences between these two timepieces.


Here are few of the similarities between these two Rolex legendary watches.

Both watches have 40mm standard case size.

Self winding mechanism has been used in both watches.

These watches feature rotating bezel.

Slimmer look has been given to the watches with a scratch resistant synthetic sapphire crystal.

An extra layer of protection has been added with trip-lock system which features a triple gasket system.

Both watches are available in 18k yellow gold, Rolesor and steel.

Black bezel with black is very famous in both Rolex models.


Submariner has uni-directional bezel whereas GMT features bi-directional bezel. The functions of the bezel are also different in these watches. Uni-directional bezel of Rolex is meant to help driver to measure the time during diving. All it needs is to set the bezel before diving into water. Whereas, the bi-directional bezel of GMT-Master allows the wearer to read the time of two different time zones at the same time. In this bezel time has been divided into two parts in which 6:00 to 18:00 represents day time whereas 18:00 to 6:00 represents the night. The watch also features an independent hour hand which helps you to set the different time zone without disturbing the bezel and 24 hour bezel. The feature is not available in Submariner watches. Present GMT models have a ceramic bezel which is absent in Submariner models. GMT models have currently 330 feet (100 meter) water depth reading rate whereas Submariner models have 1000 feet (300 meters) depth reading. GMT models are available in various jewelry embedded options like sapphire, rubies, diamond paved dial, and diamond fitted lugs and also rotating bezel fitted with diamonds. These were the main similarities and differences between two of the most successful professional models of Rolex. Bracelet of the watches is also same with classy and solid appearance.

The Wristwatch Reviews- Rolex Submariner

24 Mar


Professional diving watches such as Rolex Submariner are popular for their perfect time keeping ability in deep waters. In these Replica Rolex Reviews, we will share the reviews about the Rolex Submariner which will help to know about the perfect diving watch. The Rolex Submariner has the honor of first professional diving watch that was produced the Swiss master in 1953. The main designer of the watch Jacques Cousteau was a diving enthusiast and also served in the Navy before watch making. Being a professional diver, he was well aware about the necessities of a reliable diving watch. So the Rolex Submariner has following features:

Clear visibility in deep water with high contrast ratio black dial and big luminous hands.

Good water proof, antimagnetic and anti-collision structure.

Perfect corrosion resistance in different temperatures.

The first generation submariner with Ref. 6204 was slight different from 6202 and 6204 which was water resistant to 100m. The simple hand was changed with a “Mercedes-Benz” hand. During the same period, Rolex introduced 6205 models with a Submariner words on its dial. 6200 which was produced in 1954-1956 was the special edition of the Rolex Submariner. The difference between this model and other ones were the Roman numeral hour markers at 3, 6 and 9. The second generation came with the introduction of Ref. 6538 with same iconic “Mercedes-Benz” hand. The case diameter of 6538 model was increased to 38mm with Cal. 1030 Butterfly Rotor movement which had passed the COSC test and was the best movement at the time. “+” was changed into “BREVET” words below the “Crown” logo. The most notable aspect of the models was the water resistance to 200M.

Jean Piccard and Auguste made a new submarine diving record when they dived to 3150 meters in 1953. At the same time, Rolex Submariner was born and was used in a diving adventure in 600 meters. Casino Royale was broadcasted on 21 October 1954 which was the first time when 007 appeared on the screen. The main character Barry Nelson wore the Rolex Submariner which was released a year ago. Sean Connery also wore the watch in Dr.No but Rolex didn’t want to sponsor him. So the director had to lend its own NATO strap Submariner to the actor. It is due to this fact that people nowadays change the original Oyster bracelet of Submariner into a NATO cloth strap.

Ref 5508 (1958-1965) was the third generation Submariner with a Cal. 1530, 37mm diameter case and was water resistant to 100 meters. But the price was higher from the previous models and also had a red version “Submariner” words on the dial. The radioactivity increased due to the change of luminescent material. The 5510 was produced for only two years and was water resistant to 200 meters.

Rolex Submariner reached to its fourth generation with ref. 5512. The new models had various differences from the previous versions.

The bezel’s material was changed into solid steel from mixed rubber.

The bezel’s flutings were widened and were much bigger than previous models.

The crown of the Submariner was smashed in an accident in late 50’s, so guards on the both sides of the crown were added which is still in use.

A waterproof apron was added on the tube.

Beneath the “Crown” logo, there were three round points which were used as sports model sign.

Bracelet was prominently improved.

The case diameter was improved into a genuine sports watch size 39.5mm. The Cal. 1750 was used in 5512 which was the most advanced product of Rolex at that time. Due to its durability and accuracy, it has still a good reputation.

Ref. 5513 was a bit cheap version of 5512 with quite long lifeline and also with large production. The previous luminous markers were free from frames but later on they were equipped with frames but not metal ones. 1530 movement was used in 5513 model which was then switched to 1520 movement after few years. 5513’s military version was ref. 5517 that featured canvas military strap with much stronger sword hands but the price was very expensive. IOS (International Organization for Standardization made detailed requirements on the specifications of diving watch during the production of 5513. Here are the details which were published on July 1, 1981.

The watch must be readable in the dark from 25cm distance with proper time identification with time span on the bezel.

The timepiece must be DC anti-magnetic for more than 60 Gauss.

Even if it falls from 1 meter height on a hard word, it must not get any damage.

Plus 20kg resistance to external force.

The watch must work properly after immersing it in 3% salt water for at-least 24 hours.

The watch must have the ability to withstand 40 C -5 C -40 C temperature cycle.

1 and 5 graduation must be clear on the bezel

Can act properly under 30cm depth of water

Can withstand 12.5 atmospheric air pressure after testing for 20 minutes in water.

Added helium must be present in the watch to keep proper timing in the dark

A diving watch must have above requirements but watch such as Submariner is a professional and rare diving watch.

Ref. 1680 was one of the earliest models of Submariner with date function. Cal. 1570 movement was used in 1680 with water resistance to 200M and the production lasted from 1965 to 1980. Famous “Red Sub” was another model of 1680 that was loved worldwide by watch fans. Ref 16800 featured a sapphire crystal and was water resistant to 300 meters. The watch was equipped with 3035 movement and was also more stable and accurate than other models. In 1989, 168000 was produced but soon it was replaced with 16610 immediately.

Submariner was produced for the exploration of underwater world with special features. In-fact Submariner was not as spectacular as Daytona and also not had many functions but it was a gift for adventurers with powerful practical valve. 5513 was discontinued in 1989 and modern Submariner with ref 14060 emerged. Sapphire crystal was used to prevent the scratches and other damages that were caused in sports. But the hard brittle characteristic was not good enough to prevent collision. The new Rolex no date mechanism with Cal. 3030 was produced in 2001 that replaced 3000 and the previous model 14060 was renamed to 14060M. The newest Submariner Date with 300 meters waterproof was ref. 16610. 3135 new movement was used along with sapphire crystal. Rolex introduced 16610LV with green bezel as special anniversary edition on the 50th anniversary of Rolex in 2003. Rolex Submariner has been successfully retaining the top spot in the diving watches for over sixty years.

Five Best Selling Rolex Watches

23 Feb


Swiss made wristwatches are indeed the most desirable fashion accessories in the world. Fashion lovers love to have Replica Rolex timepieces with delicate designs and luxury features at low price. Though every model of Rolex has its own prestige yet some Rolex watches are the best one. Here are the most successful Rolex watches of all times.

1.    Rolex Daytona

Daytona is without any doubt the most renowned Rolex watch for its exquisite features. The timepiece was manufactured in 1963 for professional car racing drivers. It was built with reliable chronograph and tachymeter scale to measure the speed up to 400 km/hr. The accurate time keeping the most attractive aspect of Daytona which makes the best watch for motor sports world. Daytona is most successful timepiece ever created by Rolex. It was also used in the famous movies series James Bond.

2.    GMT-Master ll

GMT-Master ll was specially designed to fulfill the needs of professional pilots. This perfect aviator’s timepiece is popular for remarkable time keeping features. The timepiece is highly reliable for long distance travelling. It has 4-hour rotating advanced bezel with a distinct 24 hour hand. The main feature of the watch is that wearer can read three different time zones at the same time. Dark green dial with gold toned bracelet is perfect for classy and formal occasions too. The large size adds extra elegance to its appeal. GMT-Master ll is one of the most searched luxury sports watches on internet.

3.    Rolex Yacht-master ll

This iconic Rolex model was introduced in late 1950s with trip lock winding crown and bidirectional rotating bezel which improves the water-proofness of the watch. The first programmable mechanical countdown timer was introduced with regatta chronograph that is used at the beginning of yacht race.

4.    Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner was initially launched as a diver watch but the watch is best known as luxury fashion and sport accessory nowadays. It was 1953 when Submariner was presented for scuba diving with water resistant ability up to 330 feet (100 meter). The modern Submariner is capable to resist water up to 1000 feet (300 meter). This marvelous watch is being praised for its superb construction and sophisticated design. From the time of its creation to the present, Submariner has been used as sports and fashion wristwatch.

5.    Rolex Datejust

Classic Rolex Datejust was created in 1945 with date feature on its display for the very first time. It is also known as the forefather of modern watches. It is truly a legendary watch by Rolex for its classic style and workmanship. Datejust ll was introduced into the market in 2009 with latest technological innovations. In-fact it was Datejust that initiated modern changes in the world of the watch making. It is timeless luxury for professional users.

Replica watches review – Which ones should be trusted?

20 Feb

43741038822Awesome yet out of reach

Swiss watches are perhaps the most sought after brand of watches. They have the honor of producing watches which have maintained high standards of quality and design. The world is well aware of the popularity of Rolex watches. The craze that these watches have witnessed has proved that they are indeed among the best when it comes to quality and design. However, despite the fact that they are said to be among the best brands of watches in the world, not many people can acquire them. The reason is quite apparent: their cost is way out of reach of normal people. Considering the high standards that have been maintained in quality and design, it does seem natural that the watches would be high in rates as well. Due to the high prices, these watches are unattainable for a large section of the population who then turn to replica watches.

Replica watches – Are they worth your money?

When people cannot get their hands on the original thing, they turn to try to find an alternative that would enable them to get the taste of that particular object and will not bleed them dry financially either. Perhaps this is why the trend of replica watches has been growing drastically, which brings us to the rather important aspect of replica watches reviews. The question that needs to be dealt with as we talk about the replica watches is whether these watches are worth the money. Are we truly making a correct decision in purchasing one or are we being lured into a trap? This is the question that needs to be pondered upon before a final decision is made. While it is true that the replica of the watches seems to be the perfect model in paper, does the same hold true when they are actually worn?

Different shades of testimonials

As we search the internet to find out more regarding the quality of these replica watches and the kind of experience that the majority have had with this product, we find that opinions vary drastically. When we look for the replica watches reviews, there are some testimonials that deem it to be a perfect investment. According to these people, this was the perfect purchase they could have made. For others, the reality is completely different. People have claimed it to be a rather cheap copy of the original that doesn’t hold a torch to the authentic brand.

Final words

A replica can never match the quality of the original. The original will always be one step ahead. The thing that you do have to keep in mind during your search for replica watches is whether the products would remain with you for a considerable amount of time or would it give up on you in a short duration, thereby leading to a complete loss of money. Make sure that you have undergone adequate research before you make your final selection to ensure that you are not making a mistake.

How to Choose a Replica Watch

20 Jul

 rolex vintage

While talking about Men’s fashion, a thousand thoughts come into the mind, and watches are on the top. On different occasions of our life, we need different styles and attire. There is a huge range of watch products and brand available from $20 to several thousand dollars. Everyone wants to wear a costly watch, but they often are not in the range. I am going to tell you about replica Rolex reviews or how you should review a replica today to let you know what you should check or see to purchasing a replica Rolex beforehand.

It is certain that not everyone can afford an authentic watch, but it is a fact the in the price of an authentic watch, you can get too many of Swiss replica Model. Let me quote an example of Rolex Submariner. In the range of $7-10K, you can get a 40mm Rolex submariner and no doubt it worth it due to the name of the vendor(Rolex), and it’s resale value but if your purpose is not the reselling then, you can get plenty of good watches in this price. There is another factor involved that at a certain price; you can get a gold model of some good watch brand and in the same price you’ll be at entry level (like a steel watch or Rolex submariner) to buy a steel watch. So rather than spending lots of money on an authentic watch, why don’t you buy fine quality swiss replica watch that will run as long as any authentic watch can go?

What do I need to see before purchasing a replica watch?

Although it is a difficult task, and expert or a watch collector can know these points but allow me to let you know some basic factor that you should consider, so your investment goes in the right way.  Let’s look at Rolex replicas and what a quality Replica Rolex should have it.


Movement is an important part of the watch. In a Replica watch, you should know what is there inside of it. There are vendors who sell the watches with the cheap movement that doesn’t mean to run for a long time. A good replica watch should have a Swiss cloned movement, and sell their product with a warranty. For a little example, the movement in your replica Rolex watch should be cloned of Rolex Caliber 3135, 3156, 3186, 3187. So before you go with a replica Rolex, ask for the movement.

Material of a Replica Rolex

Steel used in a watch is very important. Rolex uses 904L standard steel in their watches and am talking about Rolex Submariner. If you are going to buy a replica Rolex then you should check which standard of steel that vendor is using. If it’s 904L then fine go with it.

A quality swiss Vendor for replica watches use 18K gold as the material and use PVD technology so if a vendor claims to have this on the watch then it is good to go.

What type of crystal your replica Rolex is going to have? A quality vendor should have used The Sapphire Crystal on their watches; it is a fact to keep in mind because this crystal is going to run for a long time. Similarly Dial, Diamonds, and Bezels are things to consider before you go after a Replica Rolex. The ceramic used in a quality replica Rolex should be resistant to ultraviolet rays. If the other material is Super-Luminova then, it’s  a good sign that your watch is going to run for a long time.

After Sales Services

This is another factor that should be kept in the mind. If the vendor of your replica watches is in the business for a long time and what type of warranties they give for their watch? While looking at internet, you’ll find thousand vendors who are providing replica Rolex watches in different price ranges. What I have mentioned above is not going to cost you in less than $800. If you are going to purchase a watch in less than that then you should reconsider it. A quality vendor should have given you warranty of their watch for at least 2 years.




Rolex Watches

25 Feb


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