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History of Rolex Oyster Professional Wristwatches

4 Oct


Rolex Oyster Professional watches were introduced with the original Rolex Oyster watch from 1926. You will e find in thesReplica Rolex Reviews about the History of Rolex Oyster Professional watches. Majority of Rolex watches that are produced today use the brand’s Oyster case. With the introduction of Rolex Oyster watch in 1926, Rolex also pioneered the very first watch case that featured screw down crown, caseback and bezel which offered dust protection and water resistance. But the Professional collection was born in 1953.

The idea of the Rolex Oyster Professional today is the preservation of watch models that were initially made for professional use. That included timepiece for people engaged in flying, diving, automotive and sport racing, industrial and science work and also general planetary exploration. Rolex Oyster professional timepieces are more durable and utilitarian design in nature and also they have in various instances additional production or test procedure added to the manufacturing before they came out of the Rolex and reach to the consumer. In simple words, Royal Oyster Professional watch today are based on a historic model meant for professional usage and are manufactured with extra reliability and safety features as compared to Rolex’s more dress or casual models. In 1953 tow of the Rolex’s basic Oyster Professional timepiece were produced which were the Submariner and Explorer. The very same year Rolex experienced one of the most significant social achievements that marked how the brand would be perceived in future. Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary were the part of British expedition to successfully climb the Mount Everest for the very first time in history. No doubt it was one of the most amazing feats of human endurance and both leader Norgay and Edmund wore the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. The model is now familiar as iconic Rolex Explorer which was released in 1953. It was a message to the public was simply that the new Rolex Explorer was a special wristwatch for those people who are adventure lovers or involved in extreme lengths activities.

In 1953, Rolex also introduced the very first Submariner wristwatch which was the first ever timepiece in the world with water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet). The Rolex Submariner was the evolution of the Rolex Oyster case in many ways and additionally it was further refined for water resistance. However the Oyster Professional term was not present in 1953 and the Explorer and Submariner were two watch designed for and mostly used by professional versus merely the common public. In-fact it was a golden age in the world of modern exploration as the pre-space race reign was about to explore extreme heights and great depths. After the release of models for deep diving and scientific exploration, Rolex decided to focus on wristwatches for physicist and pilots too. Aviations professionals are always lucky enough to enjoy the special attention of watch developers since the beginning of the fight in early twentieth century. However Rolex was late in this game with the introduction of first aviation themed watch in 1955 named Rolex GMT-Master. Rolex worked hard with commercial Pan American World Airways to produce a watch for their professional pilots. Rolex worked out on a successful formula in various ways. The reason for which many Rolex Oyster Professional watches look alike is that Rolex never tried to reinvent the wheel with every new timepiece but added new additional or different feature to their earlier generation wheel. Also this was the prime reason that GMT Master was very similar to the Submariner which was produce two years before it. Interestingly Submariner itself adopted the hands for the legendary Explorer. 24 hour scale bezel and 24 hour GMT hand made it different from other Rolex watches. The two tone blue and red bezel was also another unique feature of Rolex GMT-Master meant for AM/PM indicator. The feature was then known as the “Pepsi bezel” due the similarity of colors tones with the soft drink brand. Though there were some minor but significant changes, the Rolex GMT Master was similar to the Submariner in many ways. The situation was not so different in 1956 when Rolex produced its first scientific watch the Rolex Milgauss with the collaboration of CERN laboratory in Switzerland. The physicists desperately needed a magnetically shielded watch that was not exposed to the magnetic fields created around the particle accelerators. Rolex produced a timepiece for professional scientists the Milgauss with the resistance up to 1,000 Gauss due to the soft iron core which secured the movement. Rolex Tried something slightly more refined, yet still a professional timepiece. Though Milgauss had more or less existing Oyster case but the dial was mostly inspired from the original Rolex Oyster Perpetual models along with a lightning bolt seconds hand.

In 1963 Rolex introduced the Oyster Cosmograph which then became popular as Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona. Though Rolex had been successfully producing the chronograph models for more than 30 years but this was the first genuine racing world-inspired chronograph timepiece. In-fact no one knows from where the name “Cosmograph” came from. Rolex added Daytona for more serious involvement in racing world and named the watch family after the popular racing in Florida. Daytona is different from other Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection due to the adoption of partially different case design of chronograph pushers. Screw-down pushers were not present in the original Daytona models but the collection became famous after the addition of features by Rolex like increased durability and water and dust resistance. In 1960 Rolex introduced the Deep Sea Special with a non-commercial concept specially for extreme diving. The watch had an extreme thick steel case with almost comical bulbous crystal. This was very useful for Rolex because it brought them most valuable knowledge about intense water resistance and the watch successfully travelled to 37, 800 feet. The production of Rolex Deep Sea Special allowed the Swiss Master to develop even more reliable version of the Rolex Submariner known as Sea-Dweller released in 1967. The watch was water resistant to 630 meter which was increased after sometime. In-fact it was Rolex Sea-Dweller that help Rolex to produce modern Deep-Sea and Submariner watches of today. In 1960s, Rolex had successfully released many prime models that would fall under the modern Rolex Oyster Professional umbrella. Though additional models would come later but each of these existed to build on timepieces and concepts that were released by Rolex from between 1953 and 1967. Rolex Yacht-Master released in 1992 and the Sky-Dweller from 2012 is the most recent models of Rolex Oyster Professional. GMT-Master ll and Explorer ll are pretty much the updated versions of existing collection.

In 1971, Explorer ll was released by Rolex with combination of allure from original Explorer with the GMT-Master. The watch featured a fixes bezel rather than a rotating 24 hour bezel but with an advantage of second time zone. This feature was not only meant for the explorer’s timepiece but also for the more reliable explorer’s watch meant for tough conditions like underground or polar exploration. The purpose of 24 hour hand on timepiece was to gave ability to explorers to differentiate between day and night rather than GMT hand which was meant for second time-zone. This feature was very hand especially in places where sun didn’t go down or deep caves where sunlight was unable to reach. Rolex Yacht-Master is probably the oddest one of all timepieces as it was not meant for strictly professional use. You can call it the child of times because in 1990s the mechanical watch industry was seriously investing in moving up-market. Sports watches were popular at that time so Rolex intended to produce a high quality and durable sports watch which can be used in sailing sports or pleasure. Yacht-Master models today have platinum or gold bezel rather than a steel one. In 2007 Yacht Master ll was released and was not in large number but the watch had more complicated movements than the previous one. The new version features a programmable countdown timer chronograph which is slightly adjusted by turning the bezel. Rolex Professional watches today are more or less known as their sports models. Both men and women wear most models but the Yacht-Master has only specific version for women with smaller-sized cases. There is no special list of production techniques, features or any tests that apply to the Rolex Oyster Professional watches according to Rolex but the cases used and tests performed are more rigorous than other timepieces produced by Rolex. The production of Rolex Oyster Professional watches can be more complicated than that or Rolex Oyster Daydate/just. For instance Milgauss has a case surrounded by magnetic field and Dea Sea has additional features like the Ringlock system for massive level of water resistance. Talking about the design of Rolex Oyster Professional sports timepieces, they have beefier cases and functions like crown guard for the protection of crown. All professionals do not use mechanical watches today but Rolex has invested in manufacturing the top quality professional use wristwatch possible. All Rolex Oyster Professional watches are highly tested in terms of water resistance. First the Rolex dive watches are tested in air chamber and then in actual compression chamber full of water. Interestingly Rolex indicates that their dive timepieces are tested to be able of withstanding 25% more than their mentioned water resistance level. The Rolex Deep Sea watches has its own special water testing chamber which is developed by Rolex with Comex. It is due to the reason that it tests such immense water pressure the test takes almost over an hour to complete.


Replica watches review – Which ones should be trusted?

20 Feb

43741038822Awesome yet out of reach

Swiss watches are perhaps the most sought after brand of watches. They have the honor of producing watches which have maintained high standards of quality and design. The world is well aware of the popularity of Rolex watches. The craze that these watches have witnessed has proved that they are indeed among the best when it comes to quality and design. However, despite the fact that they are said to be among the best brands of watches in the world, not many people can acquire them. The reason is quite apparent: their cost is way out of reach of normal people. Considering the high standards that have been maintained in quality and design, it does seem natural that the watches would be high in rates as well. Due to the high prices, these watches are unattainable for a large section of the population who then turn to replica watches.

Replica watches – Are they worth your money?

When people cannot get their hands on the original thing, they turn to try to find an alternative that would enable them to get the taste of that particular object and will not bleed them dry financially either. Perhaps this is why the trend of replica watches has been growing drastically, which brings us to the rather important aspect of replica watches reviews. The question that needs to be dealt with as we talk about the replica watches is whether these watches are worth the money. Are we truly making a correct decision in purchasing one or are we being lured into a trap? This is the question that needs to be pondered upon before a final decision is made. While it is true that the replica of the watches seems to be the perfect model in paper, does the same hold true when they are actually worn?

Different shades of testimonials

As we search the internet to find out more regarding the quality of these replica watches and the kind of experience that the majority have had with this product, we find that opinions vary drastically. When we look for the replica watches reviews, there are some testimonials that deem it to be a perfect investment. According to these people, this was the perfect purchase they could have made. For others, the reality is completely different. People have claimed it to be a rather cheap copy of the original that doesn’t hold a torch to the authentic brand.

Final words

A replica can never match the quality of the original. The original will always be one step ahead. The thing that you do have to keep in mind during your search for replica watches is whether the products would remain with you for a considerable amount of time or would it give up on you in a short duration, thereby leading to a complete loss of money. Make sure that you have undergone adequate research before you make your final selection to ensure that you are not making a mistake.

How to Choose a Replica Watch

20 Jul

 rolex vintage

While talking about Men’s fashion, a thousand thoughts come into the mind, and watches are on the top. On different occasions of our life, we need different styles and attire. There is a huge range of watch products and brand available from $20 to several thousand dollars. Everyone wants to wear a costly watch, but they often are not in the range. I am going to tell you about replica Rolex reviews or how you should review a replica today to let you know what you should check or see to purchasing a replica Rolex beforehand.

It is certain that not everyone can afford an authentic watch, but it is a fact the in the price of an authentic watch, you can get too many of Swiss replica Model. Let me quote an example of Rolex Submariner. In the range of $7-10K, you can get a 40mm Rolex submariner and no doubt it worth it due to the name of the vendor(Rolex), and it’s resale value but if your purpose is not the reselling then, you can get plenty of good watches in this price. There is another factor involved that at a certain price; you can get a gold model of some good watch brand and in the same price you’ll be at entry level (like a steel watch or Rolex submariner) to buy a steel watch. So rather than spending lots of money on an authentic watch, why don’t you buy fine quality swiss replica watch that will run as long as any authentic watch can go?

What do I need to see before purchasing a replica watch?

Although it is a difficult task, and expert or a watch collector can know these points but allow me to let you know some basic factor that you should consider, so your investment goes in the right way.  Let’s look at Rolex replicas and what a quality Replica Rolex should have it.


Movement is an important part of the watch. In a Replica watch, you should know what is there inside of it. There are vendors who sell the watches with the cheap movement that doesn’t mean to run for a long time. A good replica watch should have a Swiss cloned movement, and sell their product with a warranty. For a little example, the movement in your replica Rolex watch should be cloned of Rolex Caliber 3135, 3156, 3186, 3187. So before you go with a replica Rolex, ask for the movement.

Material of a Replica Rolex

Steel used in a watch is very important. Rolex uses 904L standard steel in their watches and am talking about Rolex Submariner. If you are going to buy a replica Rolex then you should check which standard of steel that vendor is using. If it’s 904L then fine go with it.

A quality swiss Vendor for replica watches use 18K gold as the material and use PVD technology so if a vendor claims to have this on the watch then it is good to go.

What type of crystal your replica Rolex is going to have? A quality vendor should have used The Sapphire Crystal on their watches; it is a fact to keep in mind because this crystal is going to run for a long time. Similarly Dial, Diamonds, and Bezels are things to consider before you go after a Replica Rolex. The ceramic used in a quality replica Rolex should be resistant to ultraviolet rays. If the other material is Super-Luminova then, it’s  a good sign that your watch is going to run for a long time.

After Sales Services

This is another factor that should be kept in the mind. If the vendor of your replica watches is in the business for a long time and what type of warranties they give for their watch? While looking at internet, you’ll find thousand vendors who are providing replica Rolex watches in different price ranges. What I have mentioned above is not going to cost you in less than $800. If you are going to purchase a watch in less than that then you should reconsider it. A quality vendor should have given you warranty of their watch for at least 2 years.




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