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24 Mar


Professional diving watches such as Rolex Submariner are popular for their perfect time keeping ability in deep waters. In these Replica Rolex Reviews, we will share the reviews about the Rolex Submariner which will help to know about the perfect diving watch. The Rolex Submariner has the honor of first professional diving watch that was produced the Swiss master in 1953. The main designer of the watch Jacques Cousteau was a diving enthusiast and also served in the Navy before watch making. Being a professional diver, he was well aware about the necessities of a reliable diving watch. So the Rolex Submariner has following features:

Clear visibility in deep water with high contrast ratio black dial and big luminous hands.

Good water proof, antimagnetic and anti-collision structure.

Perfect corrosion resistance in different temperatures.

The first generation submariner with Ref. 6204 was slight different from 6202 and 6204 which was water resistant to 100m. The simple hand was changed with a “Mercedes-Benz” hand. During the same period, Rolex introduced 6205 models with a Submariner words on its dial. 6200 which was produced in 1954-1956 was the special edition of the Rolex Submariner. The difference between this model and other ones were the Roman numeral hour markers at 3, 6 and 9. The second generation came with the introduction of Ref. 6538 with same iconic “Mercedes-Benz” hand. The case diameter of 6538 model was increased to 38mm with Cal. 1030 Butterfly Rotor movement which had passed the COSC test and was the best movement at the time. “+” was changed into “BREVET” words below the “Crown” logo. The most notable aspect of the models was the water resistance to 200M.

Jean Piccard and Auguste made a new submarine diving record when they dived to 3150 meters in 1953. At the same time, Rolex Submariner was born and was used in a diving adventure in 600 meters. Casino Royale was broadcasted on 21 October 1954 which was the first time when 007 appeared on the screen. The main character Barry Nelson wore the Rolex Submariner which was released a year ago. Sean Connery also wore the watch in Dr.No but Rolex didn’t want to sponsor him. So the director had to lend its own NATO strap Submariner to the actor. It is due to this fact that people nowadays change the original Oyster bracelet of Submariner into a NATO cloth strap.

Ref 5508 (1958-1965) was the third generation Submariner with a Cal. 1530, 37mm diameter case and was water resistant to 100 meters. But the price was higher from the previous models and also had a red version “Submariner” words on the dial. The radioactivity increased due to the change of luminescent material. The 5510 was produced for only two years and was water resistant to 200 meters.

Rolex Submariner reached to its fourth generation with ref. 5512. The new models had various differences from the previous versions.

The bezel’s material was changed into solid steel from mixed rubber.

The bezel’s flutings were widened and were much bigger than previous models.

The crown of the Submariner was smashed in an accident in late 50’s, so guards on the both sides of the crown were added which is still in use.

A waterproof apron was added on the tube.

Beneath the “Crown” logo, there were three round points which were used as sports model sign.

Bracelet was prominently improved.

The case diameter was improved into a genuine sports watch size 39.5mm. The Cal. 1750 was used in 5512 which was the most advanced product of Rolex at that time. Due to its durability and accuracy, it has still a good reputation.

Ref. 5513 was a bit cheap version of 5512 with quite long lifeline and also with large production. The previous luminous markers were free from frames but later on they were equipped with frames but not metal ones. 1530 movement was used in 5513 model which was then switched to 1520 movement after few years. 5513’s military version was ref. 5517 that featured canvas military strap with much stronger sword hands but the price was very expensive. IOS (International Organization for Standardization made detailed requirements on the specifications of diving watch during the production of 5513. Here are the details which were published on July 1, 1981.

The watch must be readable in the dark from 25cm distance with proper time identification with time span on the bezel.

The timepiece must be DC anti-magnetic for more than 60 Gauss.

Even if it falls from 1 meter height on a hard word, it must not get any damage.

Plus 20kg resistance to external force.

The watch must work properly after immersing it in 3% salt water for at-least 24 hours.

The watch must have the ability to withstand 40 C -5 C -40 C temperature cycle.

1 and 5 graduation must be clear on the bezel

Can act properly under 30cm depth of water

Can withstand 12.5 atmospheric air pressure after testing for 20 minutes in water.

Added helium must be present in the watch to keep proper timing in the dark

A diving watch must have above requirements but watch such as Submariner is a professional and rare diving watch.

Ref. 1680 was one of the earliest models of Submariner with date function. Cal. 1570 movement was used in 1680 with water resistance to 200M and the production lasted from 1965 to 1980. Famous “Red Sub” was another model of 1680 that was loved worldwide by watch fans. Ref 16800 featured a sapphire crystal and was water resistant to 300 meters. The watch was equipped with 3035 movement and was also more stable and accurate than other models. In 1989, 168000 was produced but soon it was replaced with 16610 immediately.

Submariner was produced for the exploration of underwater world with special features. In-fact Submariner was not as spectacular as Daytona and also not had many functions but it was a gift for adventurers with powerful practical valve. 5513 was discontinued in 1989 and modern Submariner with ref 14060 emerged. Sapphire crystal was used to prevent the scratches and other damages that were caused in sports. But the hard brittle characteristic was not good enough to prevent collision. The new Rolex no date mechanism with Cal. 3030 was produced in 2001 that replaced 3000 and the previous model 14060 was renamed to 14060M. The newest Submariner Date with 300 meters waterproof was ref. 16610. 3135 new movement was used along with sapphire crystal. Rolex introduced 16610LV with green bezel as special anniversary edition on the 50th anniversary of Rolex in 2003. Rolex Submariner has been successfully retaining the top spot in the diving watches for over sixty years.


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12 Mar


Things To Know About How Rolex Makes Watches- Part 2

10 Mar

Rolex classic.jpg

Rolex is known for producing unique and perfect luxury wristwatches. In this short informative article about Replica Rolex Reviews we will share information about how Rolex makes it watches. Rolex is the only brand that manufactures all parts and movements of its timepieces by itself. Do you know Rolex has its own science lab where the various tests are carried out by the manufacturers?

I think it’s not a surprising fact to know Rolex has its own internal Research and Development Department because of the things Rolex has done in the past years. In-fact Rolex has not one but many different types of well-equipped professional science laboratories at their various facilities. The labs are not made from mere research of new watches and other things bout also to search and develop more efficient and effective manufacturing techniques. That’s why Rolex is known as an extremely competent and an organized manufacturing Swiss company for luxury timepieces.

Rolex laboratories are diver and amazing or perhaps have the most interesting chemistry lab. The lab is full of tubes and breakers that carry gases and liquids. The Rolex Company always hires the highly trained scientists. The lab is used by the company to research and develop lubricants and oils for the use in machines during the manufacturing procedure. Rolex has also the room equipped with various gas spectrometers and multiple electron microscopes. They have the ability to take a perfect close look at specific metals and other manufacturing materials to investigate the effects of manufacturing and machining techniques. Such large areas are extremely impressive and attractive which are used on the regular basis for serious remedies or prevent possible problems.

The modern scientific labs are meant for the specific purpose of testing watches by Rolex. The most interesting part of the labs is the stress test room. In this special room, bracelets, watch movements and cases undergo simulated wear and abuse on robots and other custom made machines. It would be true to assume that Rolex design watch that can last for lifetime. Take a look at any timepiece of Rolex from Daytona to Submariner and from GMT Master to Yacht-Master, every wristwatch is a true example of perfect experiments. It’s really easy to wear a watch and mark comment about it but the struggles to perfection which is found in Rolex wristwatches are really admirable that one can’t find in other Swiss watch brands.


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Five Best Selling Rolex Watches

23 Feb


Swiss made wristwatches are indeed the most desirable fashion accessories in the world. Fashion lovers love to have Replica Rolex timepieces with delicate designs and luxury features at low price. Though every model of Rolex has its own prestige yet some Rolex watches are the best one. Here are the most successful Rolex watches of all times.

1.    Rolex Daytona

Daytona is without any doubt the most renowned Rolex watch for its exquisite features. The timepiece was manufactured in 1963 for professional car racing drivers. It was built with reliable chronograph and tachymeter scale to measure the speed up to 400 km/hr. The accurate time keeping the most attractive aspect of Daytona which makes the best watch for motor sports world. Daytona is most successful timepiece ever created by Rolex. It was also used in the famous movies series James Bond.

2.    GMT-Master ll

GMT-Master ll was specially designed to fulfill the needs of professional pilots. This perfect aviator’s timepiece is popular for remarkable time keeping features. The timepiece is highly reliable for long distance travelling. It has 4-hour rotating advanced bezel with a distinct 24 hour hand. The main feature of the watch is that wearer can read three different time zones at the same time. Dark green dial with gold toned bracelet is perfect for classy and formal occasions too. The large size adds extra elegance to its appeal. GMT-Master ll is one of the most searched luxury sports watches on internet.

3.    Rolex Yacht-master ll

This iconic Rolex model was introduced in late 1950s with trip lock winding crown and bidirectional rotating bezel which improves the water-proofness of the watch. The first programmable mechanical countdown timer was introduced with regatta chronograph that is used at the beginning of yacht race.

4.    Rolex Submariner

Rolex Submariner was initially launched as a diver watch but the watch is best known as luxury fashion and sport accessory nowadays. It was 1953 when Submariner was presented for scuba diving with water resistant ability up to 330 feet (100 meter). The modern Submariner is capable to resist water up to 1000 feet (300 meter). This marvelous watch is being praised for its superb construction and sophisticated design. From the time of its creation to the present, Submariner has been used as sports and fashion wristwatch.

5.    Rolex Datejust

Classic Rolex Datejust was created in 1945 with date feature on its display for the very first time. It is also known as the forefather of modern watches. It is truly a legendary watch by Rolex for its classic style and workmanship. Datejust ll was introduced into the market in 2009 with latest technological innovations. In-fact it was Datejust that initiated modern changes in the world of the watch making. It is timeless luxury for professional users.

Replica Rolex Reviews-Learn before you choose

30 Jul

0762Why are Rolex replica watches popular?

Nowadays, there is a great demand for Rolex replica watches. I was amazed when I read an article on a popular review website. I started thinking why do people like to have replicas of luxurious watches? This Replica Rolex Review will help you know the answer to that question.  I had a feeling that only young men buy these kinds of watches. It appeared to me that they wore Rolex replicas to satisfy their desire as they could not afford to buy these expensive watches.  Search engine data shows that 15-30% of internet searches on watches are for replica watches. In my opinion people buy these watches to enhance their looks and attain admiration. People of all age groups are buying these watches. They understand that people around them know original Rolex watches are not easily affordable.

Rolex, a luxury watchmaker, continues to dominate the watch market. I will attribute their popularity to excellence, performance and innovation. Through their innovations, they have earned respect of many loyal customers. It was Rolex that introduced the first waterproof watch ‘Oyster’ in 1926. It was Rolex that launched a watch that could automatically change date and time in 1954. In short, there is a long list of innovations introduced by the company.

Oyster Submariner

The company’s ‘Oyster Collection’ consists of watches which are known for their performance and reliability. Oyster Submariner is a brilliant piece of Rolex’s engineering. This watch has been designed for drivers. The watch features a 40mm famous ‘Oyster case’. The case features a patented system of screwing. Water, dust and pressure do not affect the high-precision perpetual movement. The watch’s technical features have endurance which has made it the best diver watch. The watch has history, it was first introduced in 1950. It can work in perfect condition under 300 meters.

Rolex Lady Datejust

Rolex Lady Datejust is another popular watch from this luxurious watch maker. It has been popular amongst ladies since 1957. It gives you accurate time as motion or variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure do not affect its performance and working. This watch was certified as a chronometer because it meets certain standards. It has the same Oyster case.

We could conclude from the specifications of these popular watches that it is not easy to copy the designs of such watches. People could only attempt to copy the external appearance these watches. Seeing the demand of replica watches in the market, companies have flooded the market with poor quality Rolex replica watches. However, there are some companies which are offering good quality watches. It is advised to buyers that they must read replica reviews before placing their orders. These reviews will help you make the right decision. There are hundreds of online watch retailers that offer the highest grade Rolex Replicas. However, one should not forget that replica makers will not use the sapphire crystal in their watches like the original Rolex. The qualities of replica watches have improved a lot. Some replicas are so convincing that ordinary people will not be able to see that it is a fake.

Pros Of Look-alike Watches

27 Jul

0454The fake timepieces testimonials tend to be getting well-liked as a result of raised costs of the genuine and branded timepieces. Recently, ordering replica watches have grown to be frequent. In case you’re a watch fanatic, you will desire to make certain that you acquire a watch that seems amazing and chic. People like deluxe designer watches from the well-known brands like Rolex, Aero, Omega and Hublot. The problem is that these are generally very costly. A lot of the people don’t get the funds to order a $20,000 or perhaps a $5,000 watch.

Approximately 30% of the online search pertaining to watches are about replicas. Buying a popular fake or counterfeit wrist watch is not difficult, but obtaining a superior look-alike is oftentimes trickier. The replica watch sector has many goods, but all of these goods are not excellent. Knowing about the duplicate writst watch you are obtaining is a vital part of becoming a distinct consumer. It really is vital to get through the look-alike watches critiques and learn about the layout and performance of the watch you’re going to buy.

Gains of selecting a replica watch

A reproduction watch could provide a lot of rewards. A imitation timepiece is significantly cheaper than the authentic. Everyone wants to look great and rise above the crowd, although what if you must spend a large amount of cash to acquire the desired look and appreciation? Look-alike timepieces are the most useful chance to have the same look and style on a reduced price range.

Based on duplicate watches reviews, you can get a duplicate watch at 70 to 80% reduced cost than the unique one. Copy watches tend to be affordable, stunning and can make the whole character adjust at a smaller price. An individual would not manage to find such a gorgeous and splendid wrist watch just for a couple of hundred dollars.

One of the greatest attributes of getting a copy watch is that you may find a way to obtain more than a single. You can get watches of several colors and styles as outlined by your taste. You may buy everyday, fashionable, gorgeous, and a classy look-alike watch on a reasonable finances. Then again, using the authentic watch, you realize that you may have to spend your entire savings simply to buy a single watch. There are tons of copy watches ratings which will quickly go over the advantages of acquiring these watches.

Stay away from the potential scams when choosing look-alike watches

Ensure that you purchase the look-alike watch from a dependable and reputable watch dealer. There are far more possibilities of being scammed when selecting them online. Go through lots of duplicate watches critiques to get the skills of shopping for replicas.

While obtaining on the web, usually send an e-mail before you make a purchase and ask whether the watch you’re obtaining appears quite like in the image. Forever use a credit card that has 100% fraud defense. If you use transaction techniques like Western Union, bank wire or cash order, the chances of recovering your money are less. Therefore always give the money after you have received the watch you are guaranteed.

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