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History of Rolex Oyster Professional Wristwatches

4 Oct


Rolex Oyster Professional watches were introduced with the original Rolex Oyster watch from 1926. You will e find in thesReplica Rolex Reviews about the History of Rolex Oyster Professional watches. Majority of Rolex watches that are produced today use the brand’s Oyster case. With the introduction of Rolex Oyster watch in 1926, Rolex also pioneered the very first watch case that featured screw down crown, caseback and bezel which offered dust protection and water resistance. But the Professional collection was born in 1953.

The idea of the Rolex Oyster Professional today is the preservation of watch models that were initially made for professional use. That included timepiece for people engaged in flying, diving, automotive and sport racing, industrial and science work and also general planetary exploration. Rolex Oyster professional timepieces are more durable and utilitarian design in nature and also they have in various instances additional production or test procedure added to the manufacturing before they came out of the Rolex and reach to the consumer. In simple words, Royal Oyster Professional watch today are based on a historic model meant for professional usage and are manufactured with extra reliability and safety features as compared to Rolex’s more dress or casual models. In 1953 tow of the Rolex’s basic Oyster Professional timepiece were produced which were the Submariner and Explorer. The very same year Rolex experienced one of the most significant social achievements that marked how the brand would be perceived in future. Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary were the part of British expedition to successfully climb the Mount Everest for the very first time in history. No doubt it was one of the most amazing feats of human endurance and both leader Norgay and Edmund wore the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. The model is now familiar as iconic Rolex Explorer which was released in 1953. It was a message to the public was simply that the new Rolex Explorer was a special wristwatch for those people who are adventure lovers or involved in extreme lengths activities.

In 1953, Rolex also introduced the very first Submariner wristwatch which was the first ever timepiece in the world with water resistance up to 100 meters (330 feet). The Rolex Submariner was the evolution of the Rolex Oyster case in many ways and additionally it was further refined for water resistance. However the Oyster Professional term was not present in 1953 and the Explorer and Submariner were two watch designed for and mostly used by professional versus merely the common public. In-fact it was a golden age in the world of modern exploration as the pre-space race reign was about to explore extreme heights and great depths. After the release of models for deep diving and scientific exploration, Rolex decided to focus on wristwatches for physicist and pilots too. Aviations professionals are always lucky enough to enjoy the special attention of watch developers since the beginning of the fight in early twentieth century. However Rolex was late in this game with the introduction of first aviation themed watch in 1955 named Rolex GMT-Master. Rolex worked hard with commercial Pan American World Airways to produce a watch for their professional pilots. Rolex worked out on a successful formula in various ways. The reason for which many Rolex Oyster Professional watches look alike is that Rolex never tried to reinvent the wheel with every new timepiece but added new additional or different feature to their earlier generation wheel. Also this was the prime reason that GMT Master was very similar to the Submariner which was produce two years before it. Interestingly Submariner itself adopted the hands for the legendary Explorer. 24 hour scale bezel and 24 hour GMT hand made it different from other Rolex watches. The two tone blue and red bezel was also another unique feature of Rolex GMT-Master meant for AM/PM indicator. The feature was then known as the “Pepsi bezel” due the similarity of colors tones with the soft drink brand. Though there were some minor but significant changes, the Rolex GMT Master was similar to the Submariner in many ways. The situation was not so different in 1956 when Rolex produced its first scientific watch the Rolex Milgauss with the collaboration of CERN laboratory in Switzerland. The physicists desperately needed a magnetically shielded watch that was not exposed to the magnetic fields created around the particle accelerators. Rolex produced a timepiece for professional scientists the Milgauss with the resistance up to 1,000 Gauss due to the soft iron core which secured the movement. Rolex Tried something slightly more refined, yet still a professional timepiece. Though Milgauss had more or less existing Oyster case but the dial was mostly inspired from the original Rolex Oyster Perpetual models along with a lightning bolt seconds hand.

In 1963 Rolex introduced the Oyster Cosmograph which then became popular as Rolex Oyster Cosmograph Daytona. Though Rolex had been successfully producing the chronograph models for more than 30 years but this was the first genuine racing world-inspired chronograph timepiece. In-fact no one knows from where the name “Cosmograph” came from. Rolex added Daytona for more serious involvement in racing world and named the watch family after the popular racing in Florida. Daytona is different from other Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection due to the adoption of partially different case design of chronograph pushers. Screw-down pushers were not present in the original Daytona models but the collection became famous after the addition of features by Rolex like increased durability and water and dust resistance. In 1960 Rolex introduced the Deep Sea Special with a non-commercial concept specially for extreme diving. The watch had an extreme thick steel case with almost comical bulbous crystal. This was very useful for Rolex because it brought them most valuable knowledge about intense water resistance and the watch successfully travelled to 37, 800 feet. The production of Rolex Deep Sea Special allowed the Swiss Master to develop even more reliable version of the Rolex Submariner known as Sea-Dweller released in 1967. The watch was water resistant to 630 meter which was increased after sometime. In-fact it was Rolex Sea-Dweller that help Rolex to produce modern Deep-Sea and Submariner watches of today. In 1960s, Rolex had successfully released many prime models that would fall under the modern Rolex Oyster Professional umbrella. Though additional models would come later but each of these existed to build on timepieces and concepts that were released by Rolex from between 1953 and 1967. Rolex Yacht-Master released in 1992 and the Sky-Dweller from 2012 is the most recent models of Rolex Oyster Professional. GMT-Master ll and Explorer ll are pretty much the updated versions of existing collection.

In 1971, Explorer ll was released by Rolex with combination of allure from original Explorer with the GMT-Master. The watch featured a fixes bezel rather than a rotating 24 hour bezel but with an advantage of second time zone. This feature was not only meant for the explorer’s timepiece but also for the more reliable explorer’s watch meant for tough conditions like underground or polar exploration. The purpose of 24 hour hand on timepiece was to gave ability to explorers to differentiate between day and night rather than GMT hand which was meant for second time-zone. This feature was very hand especially in places where sun didn’t go down or deep caves where sunlight was unable to reach. Rolex Yacht-Master is probably the oddest one of all timepieces as it was not meant for strictly professional use. You can call it the child of times because in 1990s the mechanical watch industry was seriously investing in moving up-market. Sports watches were popular at that time so Rolex intended to produce a high quality and durable sports watch which can be used in sailing sports or pleasure. Yacht-Master models today have platinum or gold bezel rather than a steel one. In 2007 Yacht Master ll was released and was not in large number but the watch had more complicated movements than the previous one. The new version features a programmable countdown timer chronograph which is slightly adjusted by turning the bezel. Rolex Professional watches today are more or less known as their sports models. Both men and women wear most models but the Yacht-Master has only specific version for women with smaller-sized cases. There is no special list of production techniques, features or any tests that apply to the Rolex Oyster Professional watches according to Rolex but the cases used and tests performed are more rigorous than other timepieces produced by Rolex. The production of Rolex Oyster Professional watches can be more complicated than that or Rolex Oyster Daydate/just. For instance Milgauss has a case surrounded by magnetic field and Dea Sea has additional features like the Ringlock system for massive level of water resistance. Talking about the design of Rolex Oyster Professional sports timepieces, they have beefier cases and functions like crown guard for the protection of crown. All professionals do not use mechanical watches today but Rolex has invested in manufacturing the top quality professional use wristwatch possible. All Rolex Oyster Professional watches are highly tested in terms of water resistance. First the Rolex dive watches are tested in air chamber and then in actual compression chamber full of water. Interestingly Rolex indicates that their dive timepieces are tested to be able of withstanding 25% more than their mentioned water resistance level. The Rolex Deep Sea watches has its own special water testing chamber which is developed by Rolex with Comex. It is due to the reason that it tests such immense water pressure the test takes almost over an hour to complete.


Rolex Submariner and Rolex GMT Master

10 Jun


Wristwatches are the best fashion accessories used by women and men to boost their personality. Therefore Replica Rolex Reviews are best way to get know how about these timepieces. There are countless brands out in the market but only few of them are able to maintain their prestige with quality and technologies reforms. The two watches of Rolex Submariner and GMT Master falls into professional line of timepieces. Submariner is diving watch whereas GMT serves aviation department with perfection. These watches were introduced at Basel watch fair in 1954. Here are some of the similarities and differences between these two timepieces.


Here are few of the similarities between these two Rolex legendary watches.

Both watches have 40mm standard case size.

Self winding mechanism has been used in both watches.

These watches feature rotating bezel.

Slimmer look has been given to the watches with a scratch resistant synthetic sapphire crystal.

An extra layer of protection has been added with trip-lock system which features a triple gasket system.

Both watches are available in 18k yellow gold, Rolesor and steel.

Black bezel with black is very famous in both Rolex models.


Submariner has uni-directional bezel whereas GMT features bi-directional bezel. The functions of the bezel are also different in these watches. Uni-directional bezel of Rolex is meant to help driver to measure the time during diving. All it needs is to set the bezel before diving into water. Whereas, the bi-directional bezel of GMT-Master allows the wearer to read the time of two different time zones at the same time. In this bezel time has been divided into two parts in which 6:00 to 18:00 represents day time whereas 18:00 to 6:00 represents the night. The watch also features an independent hour hand which helps you to set the different time zone without disturbing the bezel and 24 hour bezel. The feature is not available in Submariner watches. Present GMT models have a ceramic bezel which is absent in Submariner models. GMT models have currently 330 feet (100 meter) water depth reading rate whereas Submariner models have 1000 feet (300 meters) depth reading. GMT models are available in various jewelry embedded options like sapphire, rubies, diamond paved dial, and diamond fitted lugs and also rotating bezel fitted with diamonds. These were the main similarities and differences between two of the most successful professional models of Rolex. Bracelet of the watches is also same with classy and solid appearance.

Watch the watch!

9 May


I am sure that you have very often wanted to buy an original Swiss watch but were most probably discouraged by its high price tag. You might have considered buying a Swiss replica watch instead. I mean, come on, what is the difference between these imitation watches and the original ones, right?

All replica watches traders will tell you that these replica watches are of great quality. Most of these watches actually have a very decent quality mechanism, the one that has a smooth sweeping second hand, and very good time accuracy and a hacking mechanism. The hacking mechanism is what makes the second hand stop when you pull out the winding crown to set the time or date.

Why buy replica watches?

There are many doubts that enter one’s mind when it comes to buying replica watches. The main concern is the price of the watch, the comfort and whether the quality of the product will be up to our expectation or not. However, we should keep in mind that it is not necessary that all the replica watches are of poor quality and might not work for a long time. Recently, the qualities of the replicas have improved greatly and have become a threat to the original pieces. The replicas are also very cheap as compared to the original watches and have high durability along with wear resistivity. However, before buying a replica, make sure you go through replica watches reviews to be confident about your purchase.

How to recognize a reputable online store.

If you are searching to buy a good replica watch, then you have to pick the right supplier. To make the best choice, first have an overview of the website. Go through the information provided, the product specification, quality, coherence of the photos, and the refund and warranty policies. Use your discretion and make sure nothing looks too fake.

Go through the customer feedback to know the reputation of the website and the quality of the product. Prefer buying the watches from stores that have money back guarantee, replacement or refunding policies so that you can make your purchase without hesitation. Choose a website that has precise information about the product, a wide variety of replicas of various brands and clear cut pictures that exactly depict the product you are reviewing.

It will be an added bonus if you find websites which have numerous other services like a currency converter, an online live chat service, a user friendly and attractive interface and a price filter so that finding a watch according to your preference is easy to do. Also be sure that the website is not spam.


Who says that you have to buy the original ones when you can wear a watch so similar that it is pretty difficult to differentiate between the original one and the replica one? You’ll find many websites which are able to provide you with replica watches so that you may buy yourselves one!

Are Replica Watches A Good Option?

7 Apr

Cartier-Santos-Dumont-Replica-WatchA replica watch or a counterfeit watch is a copy of the original watch, which complements the original one and is cheaper in cost. Recently, the replica watches reviews industry has seen a big up-turn. This is because the original watch vendors offer really high prices. The prices of the original watches are way too high and non-affordable for everyone. Going through the replica watches reviews, we came to know that these watches are becoming a good replacement of the original ones.

Benefits of buying a replica watch

A good watch adds to your image. So it’s all about your image. And if a replica watch is doing the task for you, then why buy an original expensive one? Now let’s have a look at the benefits which the replica watches reviews have given us:

  • A replica watch is cheaper than the original model and appears to be exactly the same.
  • You can wear it at formal functions, business meetings and other events without anyone knowing it’s a replica.
  • Replica watches help you to dress in the best way without spending a big amount.
  • As replicas are cheaper, you can afford to buy more than one and of different styles, whereas if you opt to buy an original one, you’ll have to spend a large amount to get only a single watch.
  • If a replica watch is of good quality and from a trustworthy vendor, it can be the perfect choice.
  • With a replica watch, you have no fear of losing it as it isn’t that costly.
  • Not everyone can distinguish between a real watch and a replica one. A replica watch has almost the same looks.

Drawbacks of buying a replica watch

Replica watches reviews come up with some disadvantages too:

  • Replica watches vary in quality. Some use good materials while others use cheap materials. Finding a good quality and reliable vendor is am extremely difficult task though.
  • These watches have shorter life span than the original ones.
  • Scamming is one of the main problems associated with replica watches. Some people use very low quality watches and the customer is not able to detect the flaws online. Unfortunately, people buy replica watches online through scammers and end up losing all their money.
  • No paper work is involved so there is no guarantee of the malfunctions or any losses occurring to the watch. Now you have to buy at your own risk, be prepared to see your money sinking if the replica watch stops functioning right after some days of purchase.
  • A poor quality replica may have incorrect dial layout, cheap quartz, bad markings etc.
  • A replica or a counterfeit watch may or may not be illegal. If a replica watch is against a civil law, the main dealers may seize the watch.
  • There is no resale value of a replica watch.


We hope that replica watches reviews gave you a better understanding of the replica watches. Basically price is the main issue, if you can afford to buy an original one go for it. And if you are short of money, go to a reliable and good quality replica watch vendor and buy a watch which adds to your image and compliments almost all the features of an original one.

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